Profile of the Sevenoaks and District Dog Training Society, Kent

A BIG Welcome!

Sevenoaks & District Dog Training Society welcomes all breeds of dog including crossbreeds, as well as all ages of handler. Within our Society we have the experience and knowledge to offer an efficient service, not only to the general public wanting to learn basic obedience skills but also to the more experienced handlers keen to try their hand at competition work in both agility and obedience.

Our Training Methods

We as a club believe that training should be fun for both the dog and owner. As such, our method of training is exclusively positive reward based - the correct use of playtoys and tidbits. This is the method which we, as a club employ at all levels of our training from beginner to advanced, simply because it is fun and it works.

Our Committee

Our Club Committee is made up of the following members:

  • Chairperson / Treasurer - Kaye Scott
  • Club Secretary - Becky Judd
  • Committee Member - Hannah Hawkins
  • Committee Member - Lorraine Godfrey
  • Committee Member - Rachel Georgiades

Our CLUB PRESIDENT is David Scott


Our Instructors

Our instructors give their time and experience for free. Any profit the club makes goes into club funds to pay for training equipment and instructor training which ultimately benefits our members. For example the club purchased a video camera for use at training sessions and shows to enable handlers to watch and learn. We also have an extensive set of agility equipment for use in training.

Our instructors are also encouraged to attend seminars, lectures and courses to help further their dog training knowledge - the club has an annual Instructor Training budget set aside for this.

Our instructing team is made up of eleven experienced and enthusiastic members:

  • Kaye Scott- Obedience / 'Lifeskills for Puppies' Courses / Agility
  • Becky Judd - Obedience / 'Lifeskills for Puppies' Courses
  • David Scott - Agility
  • Derek Roff - Obedience / 'Lifeskills for Puppies' Courses
  • Hannah Hawkins - Obedience / 'Lifeskills for Puppies' Courses
  • Lorraine Godfrey - Obedience / 'Lifeskills for Puppies' Courses
  • Rachel Georgiades (APDT Student) - Obedience / 'Lifeskills for Puppies' Courses