Events run by the Sevenoaks and District Dog Training Society

Biggin Hill School Fete - June 2007

The club was invited to present an Obedience Display at the Biggin Hill Infant School Fete in June 2007. As we are always keen to promote responsible dog ownership at every opportunity we agreed!

It was a beautiful day, very hot, which obviously meant we needed to be very careful of not over stressing the dogs in the heat and we all gathered under the trees before the display with lots of water for the dogs (and us!) to drink.

The theme of the display was 'What can be achieved from a pet dog' and was very much appreciated by the children watching! The exercises we demonstrated included:

  • How to greet people under control (no jumping up)
  • Instant downs - for safe control
  • Recall - how to get your dog back to you!
  • Play Downs - to demonstrate the importance of play in building a relationship with your dog
  • Going through a door - to demonstrate control when walking through doorways or small gaps with your dog
  • Leave it - to demonstrate the correct behaviour around other dogs and people
  • Stays

After the display the children had a chance to meet and treat the dogs which was much appreciated! We also gave everyone the opportunity to talk to us about dogs and dog training in general. We did have interested conversation with one of the parents who happened to be a teacher of autistic children. She said that the reward based training methods that we use was identical to the way they teach their children - an interesting comparison.

The day was rounded off with some of the team members enjoying a well earned ice-cream - and yes, that did include some of the dogs too!!