Events run by the Sevenoaks and District Dog Training Society

Fordcombe Fete Obedience and Agility Displays - August 2007

SDDTS were invited to present a dog training demonstration at the Fordcombe Village Fete early in August. We were given two slots in the programme so it was decided to start off with an obedience display and follow it up later in the afternoon with a brief agility demonstration.

We have presented a demonstration at this village fete for a number of years now and it has always thrown up some interesting weather conditions from impressive thunderstorms with torrential rain to the hottest day on record. The display this year took place on a pretty normal, near perfect summer’s day.

Both presentations were well received by an enthusiastic audience. The obedience demonstration concentrated on some basic practical obedience skills and showed what could be achieved by any family pet given the right sort of training. It featured socialisation exercises, play downs, recalls and waits. Presenting the display were Kaye/Jet, Mary/Jamie, Stuart/Ellie, Christine/Jekka, Rhoda/Phoebe, Derek/Teazel, Pauline and Gunner and Helen and Shumba. Our thanks go to all these handlers and dogs for their time in preparing and presenting the demonstration. Thanks also goes to Molly who stepped in at the last moment as cone technician and wing walker!

The agility display was designed to introduce our training methodologies and showed how we teach the various pieces of equipment from the earliest stages of training for beginner dogs and handlers through to a demonstration of a full round of equipment from dogs across a range of abilities. We also aimed to show how agility can be fun for both dog and handler as well as provide an active hobby in these sedentary times.

Again, our thanks goes to the handlers and dogs who presented the display. These were Christine and Jekka, Rhoda with Phoebe and Teazel, Kaye with Lady and Jet and Mary with Jamie. Additional thanks to Molly who again helped out with the agility equipment.

The village fete committee very generously donated £30.00 to SDDTS for us to either put into club funds or donate to a worthy cause. I suggested a pub lunch at the Chafford Arms but after this seemingly sensible suggestion was rejected, it was decided that the SDDTS committee should decide. Democracy or bureaucracy? Answers on a postcard please….

By David Scott (Club President)

Note: The donation was actually sent to Tailends - a wonderful charity that takes in cares for older dogs (mainly ex-racing greyhounds)!