Events run by the Sevenoaks and District Dog Training Society

Four Elms Obedience Display - June 2008

The club was invited to do an obedience display at the Four Elms Village Fete on Saturday 14th June 2008. We were fortunate to be able to enjoy a beautiful day, one of the few during this summer! Our team was a little lower in numbers for this display due to holiday and the agility competition season but we still had six dogs and handlers taking part from our usual team of keen and dedicated members!

The theme of the display was "what can be achieved from a pet dog". This seems to go down very well with the general public as they can really see what they can achieve personally with a little bit to time, patience and love for their dog! With all exercises the emphasis is placed on fun and play which helps to build that all important relationship with your dog.

The exercises that were demonstrated included:

  • Play downs - to demonstrate the importance of play in building a relationship with our dog and to show the importance of being able to instantly achieve a 'down' from our dogs
  • Leave It - which demonstrates the importance of not allowing our dogs to be a nuscance to other dogs and the general public
  • Going through the door - to show the correct way to walk through a doorway with our dogs: under control and with the owner going first so that this does not become a race between handler and dog, which can be dangerous
  • 'Stop' - demonstration of getting our dogs to stop instantly on command: so important for instant control when approaching dangers like roads.
  • Find it - a fun exercise to encourage the dog to use it's sense of smell constructively!
  • Greeting Exercise - to demonstrate the correct way for our dogs to meet new people.
  • Recall - how to get your dog back to you!
  • Stays - being able to get our dogs to stay in one place until asked to do something different.

The day was nicely rounded off by a fly passed by the only remaining airworthy Lancaster.