Sevenoaks and District Dog Training Society, Kent


On Saturday 13th June SDDTS obedience display team were asked to do a display at Four Elms village fete. This would be our first display of the year and after some evening practices and run through’s we were ready to go.

The display took place on a very hot summer afternoon and after some confusion over time and parking eight dogs and their handlers took to the main ring for the display. All the dogs were struggling with the heat but as always they completed all the tasks asked of them.

The dogs and handlers completed some very nice heel work around the ring ending with some play downs. Jazz then wowed the audience with her instant stop/down command. Mia and Shumba then showed how well mannered dogs can weave between other dogs and not get distracted, in our leave – it exercise. Next up were Kelly, Millie and Sam showing the different stages of the going to bed exercise, with Millie having a quick pee stop before bedtime!

The following exercises were completed by all the dogs and included going through the door, crossing the road, meeting people and the three recall stages. Bess and Millie were then asked to find toys hidden by Marion and Kat behind a number of cones, showing how we start teaching our dogs the scent exercise. Both dogs retrieved their toys first time. The display team was finished with a stay exercise and then some heel work out of the ring. We left to a round of applause and some very impressed spectators.

Our next display was a mini agility course. Bertie and Tia two dogs from our Westerham classes had also come along to show their agility skills after only 6 months of training.

Millie was up first and demonstrated how we teach touch point equipment on a mini A-frame. The dogs were then asked to complete a U-shaped course consisting of a number of jumps, the long jump and weaves. Tia, Bertie and Mia all went first. These dogs did incredibly well for their first outdoor event and seemed a lot less nervous than their owners. We then put the jumps to full height and Jazz completed the course with complete ease showing what a pro she really is and ending with a huge round of applause from the crowd.

Even with very hot tied dogs the display was a success and showed the capability of pet dogs.

Report by Instructor, Becs Mather