Events run by the Sevenoaks and District Dog Training Society

Otford Village Fete Obedience Display - May 2008

We were invited by Elands Veterinary Clinic in Dunton Green to present an Obedience Display at the Otford Village Fete on Bank Holiday Monday, May 2008. Sadly the weather was awful and it was feared that it may have be to cancelled.

But we all bravely soldiered on and presented the display despite the damp weather!

Our usual display team took part and there were a few hitches due to the wind and drizzle - the most scary being when our commentator and club President, David Scott watched his notes disappear off in the distance during a particularly strong gust of wind and the loss of sound momentarily as the PA system gave up the ghost!

But we all continued regardless and our dogs did a grand job as always at holding everything together - included a light hearted moment when our Flatcoated Retriever, Louis, decided it would be much more fun to run off and grab Jet's toy during the Sendaway exercise! But we can't be serious all the time and it gave the crowd a bit of a much needed laugh when everything around was wet and miserable!

Jazz and Becky Judd gave a wonderful demonstration of the sendaway and instant down command which you can see by clicking here. This was just one of the very pracitical exercises that we should be teaching our dogs in building up a special relaltionship as well as ensuring we have well mannered dogs that are a joy to own and an asset to the community.