Profile of Instructor - Becky Judd

Becky has been a member of the club for about 7 years. She started on a Basic Training Course with her GSD cross, Sam, and together they worked their way up through the classes and Becky also became an obedience instructor some 6 years ago. They then started agility training and Becky became an agility instructor too. At age nine years, Sam now only runs in veteran agility classes.

Becky also has a three year old WSD called Jazz. She is her obedience and agility superstar having won several rosettes for obedience and recently winning into Grade 3 at agility. She clearly loves it!

The new addition to the family is Baxter, an 18 week old black labrador. Becky says she had forgotten how hard puppies were and.... thank goodness for the club!

Becky really enjoys her instructing and training with the club. She enjoys helping people with their dogs and believes there is nothing better than a happy well trained dog!

Becky is also an active member of the club committee and Show Manager for our annual PDSA Companion Dog Show held in Norman Park, Bromley.