Obedience Training Classes

The club has a very active Puppy and Basic Obedience Training section. We offer all levels of training from our Puppy Courses and Basic Obedience Training Courses, which are available to the general public, right through to the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Good Companion Awards, which are fun for both dog and owner!

Our policy as a dog training club is to first and foremost offer a service to the general public and their dogs. Dog ownership is all about responsibility, not only to society but to our dogs too. A well behaved, well trained dog is a pleasure to have around and a welcome member of society.

Our Puppy Courses offer a good start in the puppy's life with the new family and the follow on basic training course is structured to achieve everything that you need to ensure that your dog can become a good canine citizen!

A full list of our classes and courses are as follows:

'Lifeskills for Puppies' Courses

This is a five week course covering all aspects of puppy development and training and based on the most up to date research / training into puppy development. We take pups as soon as they have had their first innoculation up to 16 weeks at the start of the course.

Courses run on a Thursday evening from 7.10 - 7.50pm.

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Basic Obedience Training Courses

These are seven week courses covering all the basic dog training techniques. Courses offered on a Thursday evening from 8 - 8.40pm

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Association of Pet Dog Trainers Good Companion Awards

This course follows on from the Basic Obedience Training Course.

The Awards have been devised in order that dog owners/handlers who come to take part in the courses can demonstrate they have achieved a certain level of training.

TWe operate three levels - Foundation, Progress and Jubilee.

Each level aims to offer a natural progression to maintain interest and enthusiasm for both dog and handler

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