Puppy Socialisation Courses

Socialising and habituating your puppy properly are the most important responsibilities of dog ownership. What a puppy learns in the first few weeks will form the blueprint for the rest of its life, so that all new experiences must be pleasurable, positive and fun for the pup.

Socialisation and habituation, in a nutshell, is teaching the puppy how to behave in different situations and helping it to take life in its stride. The club's 'Lifeskills for Puppies' Course does just that.

It is important that socialisation and habituation takes place between the ages of 0 - 16 weeks, so it is essential to book your puppy course even before you collect your puppy.

The courses are 5 weeks in duration and take place on Thursday evenings from 7.10pm - 7.50pm at Brasted Village Hall, Brasted, Kent and are run regularly throughout the year. Like our other courses and classes, all breeds of dog are welcome.

The course costs just £40.00 and places must be booked in advance. The course is for puppies between 8 to 20 weeks of age.

Many people believe that socialisation is simply letting your puppy meet other dogs - far from it! There is so much more to socialising a puppy, of which meeting and mixing with other dogs is only a small part.

The course content includes:-

  • Controlled socialisation with people
  • Controlled socialisation with adult dogs
  • Advice on 'play biting' problems
  • Traffic training
  • Jumping Up
  • Teaching the 'Family Rules' (not the Dominance Theory)
  • Introducing the concept of sharing
  • Teaching the puppy how to deal with frustration!
  • Care and Welfare
  • Info on the legal requirements of dog ownership
  • Introduction to Basic obedience training theory and practise
  • and much, much more.........

If you would like further information or you would like to book your place on a forthcoming Puppy Course please contact Kaye Scott on 01959 575129

Our October Puppy Lifeskills Course is now full - this will take us up to Christmas. We are now taking bookings for our January 2019 course. We work with Kaye Scott and Right Start Dog Training, who also offers local Puppy Lifeskills Courses, therefore please contact us for more details.